Messinger Woods Wildlife Care and Education Center is a non-for-profit corporation designed to achieve excellence in the field of Wildlife Rehabilitation. We are located in the rolling hills of Holland, NY and have numerous home-care satellites in the greater Buffalo area.
What is Wildlife Rehabilitation?
Wildlife Rehabilitation is caring for sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife with the ultimate goal of release. It is performed by people who are licensed, tested and trained to care for wild creatures.
Our Mission Statement

To promote community awareness, education and instruction, involvement, understanding, appreciation, and acceptance of our wildlife in order to conserve it. To co-exist and protect each other, our natural surroundings, and all the inhabitants of our earth by education & example. To promote quality care and medical attention for debilitated wildlife in a professional hospital setting, with the goal of increasing successful wildlife releases.

Our Goals


Messinger Woods is dedicated to funding a hospital and treatment facility strictly for wildlife rehabilitation and establishing an educational center for the benefit of all.

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