Messinger Woods runs a wildlife hospital during the “busy” wildlife season, approximately June 1st until the middle to end of September, depending upon the animals in our care and how long they need to remain in the caging at our hospital.

If you are able to commit to 4 hours once a week during this time, we would love to have you join us this season.    If you are a student, we realize that you must be back in school by the end of August and would not be available until our facility closes down for the season.

If you are a newly licensed wildlife rehabilitator and are looking for a friendly environment to get some experience or are thinking of getting your license but need some hands-on work with wildlife, or if you simply are interested in helping our sick, injured and orphaned wildlife – please check us out! 


Additionally, we have offered internship positions for college students and have worked with various colleges to provide verification of the experiences gained and hours worked.  If your college offers credit hours for your internship experiences, we are happy to work with your advisors to provide the necessary verifications.

Please send an email to judy@messingerwoods.org .   Please provide your name and contact information and we will get back to you to discuss getting you ready to join us this season!

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