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Help! I found.....

Help! I found a baby bird!


Most baby birds are of two main types: Altricial Birds (Born Showing Skin, Without Feathers or Precocial Birds (Fuzzy and Can Walk - Chicklike)

Help! I found baby bunnies!

The mother rabbit does NOT continually sit on the nest or stay with the baby bunnies. Doing so would signal carnivorous (meat eating) birds and animals (like owls and fox) as to where her babies are living. By staying away from the nest, it protects them.

Help! I found a turtle that was hit by a car!


​Every spring and throughout summer WNY's water turtles are on the move, mainly to lay their eggs. Many of them never make it to their egg laying site of choice as they are injured by a car. If you encounter an injured, or even dead turtle it is crucial to get her/him to a rehabilitator right away. Even if the turtle is dead, eggs can be extracted and the next generation can be saved!

Help! I found an injured ADULT bird!


​Adult birds can sustain a variety of injuries, including broken wings, predator attack, glue trap entrapment, and fishing line entanglement.

Help! I found a baby squirrel!

Red and Grey squirrels are very abundant all across Western New York. 




Help! I found a baby or adult opossum!


​The Virginia Opossum is Western New York's only marsupial. Frequently adult females get hit by cars, while carrying their babies in the pouch. 

Help! I found a fawn!


​Late April through June is the typical fawn birthing season in our area. Many calls come from concerned citizens who find a fawn and believe that it is orphaned or abandoned. The Doe deer does not stay with the young fawn all the time.


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