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Great Horned Owl
Who is a Wildlife Rehabilitator?


Wildlife Rehabilitators are trained and licensed volunteers, entrusted with the responsibility of caring for sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife with the goal of releasing their patients back into the wild. They are people who care enough to study, and to learn how to care for countless wild animals each year so they can be released back into the wild. Wildlife Rehabilitators are volunteers licensed by the State and Federal Government. A Wildlife Rehabilitator is a person who meets all government testing and requirements. They are not paid, funded, or reimbursed. Wildlife Rehabilitators cannot charge a fee for their services! It is the sole responsibility of the Wildlife Rehabilitator to obtain all necessary specialized equipment, supplies, proper feed products, appropriate caging, training, and veterinary services at their own expense, or through fund raisers and the acceptance of donations. Many also provide public education programs. Wildlife rehabilitators must submit annual records to State and Federal regulatory agencies for each animal cared for within the calendar year. Licensed Assistant Wildlife Rehabilitators are licensed under the Class 2 Wildlife Rehabilitator that they work with. Wildlife Rehabilitators must be aware that occupational hazards do exist and they must accept all associated health and safety risks. They are people who are willing to make a difference by helping the individual animals.





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