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Each year several volunteers from Messinger Woods who are also instructors of wilderness survival and primitive living skills offer a full seasonal course of wilderness self-reliance.   This course is designed to span the natural seasonal changes of one full year.  A wide range of different topics are taught each month for a total of 12 months.  Some of these topics cover building a variety of shelters, making water safe, thirteen methods of fire starting ranging from primitive to modern, making aboriginal tools and survival items from items found in nature for survival fishing, hunting, and trapping.  Students also learn to identify and use wild edible and medicinal plants, and how to make plant fiber cordage and glue, as well as how to put together emergency survival kits, bug-out-bags, and much more.  

Because this course is offered as a fundraiser for Messinger Woods your course fee is considered a donation making it 100% tax deductible.  These rates are lower than you will find anywhere else for such an extensive course, and the quality is very impressive.




 Individuals = $200.00 total


Family plan = $200.00 for first person & $75.00 for each additional family member.  


Messinger Woods members or volunteers =  $100.00 first person + $50.00 ea. family member


Educators / Teachers discount = $175.00 total


Survival Instructors = Free (must pass a written test and provide proof via skills demonstration)


For further information you may contact Mike Olek directly at (716) 648-5179, or by emailing:

Please use “survival course info” in the subject line. 

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